Some words about me ...

Hello Surfers ! Just let me introduce myself: my name is Philippe (but all my friends call me Bov) and I am 47 years old. I live in Bienne, a city located about 30 kilometers away from the capital city Bern. I'm married with Natalie and have two children: Anthony and Gabriel.

Professionnally, I work for the Swiss POST as a computer system specialist (Firewalls, Filetransfer-Platform,...). On the private side, I'm an active chess player (about 2000 Swiss ELO), member of the SG Biel. I am also an International Master in correspondence chess playing as a member of the International Correspondence Chess Federation and the Swiss Correspondence Chess Association (ELO: about 2400). Take a look at my Chess page to see my tournaments in progress.

My greater passion (after my family, of course) is: beer ! I have tried over 9000 different ones from 155 countries ! (check out my beer page). I am a whisky and a cigar lover. I am also an ice hockey fan, especially from russian players. I am also member of Greenpeace, and the Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association.

If you are interested by what's going on in Switzerland concerning hockey, chess, beer or anything else or if you have any comments or suggestions about my web pages, don't hesitate to .