Vladimir Vladimirovich Petrov


Position: center
Shoots: R 
Height: 6-01  Weight: 205 
Born: 6/30/1947 (Krasnogorsk, USSR)

IIHF Hall of Fame: 2006

Olympic medals: 2x Gold (1972, 1976); 1x Silver (1980)
World Champion: 9x


  • Best scorer USSR Championship: 5x (1970, 1973, 1975, 1978, 1979)
  • All-star Team USSR Championship: 4x (1973, 1975, 1977, 1979)
  • Best soviet player: 2x (1972, 1973)
  • Best scorer World Championships: 4x (1973, 1975, 1977, 1979) #
  • Best forward World Championships: 2x (1973, 1979)
  • All-star Team World Championships: 4x (1973, 1975, 1977, 1979)
Biography [Source: 1972summitseries.com]
Vladimir Petrov was born on June 30, 1947 in Krasnogorsk just outside Moscow. He was raised in a sports family. His father was a famous bandy hockey player. He first played organized hockey at the age 11 for a club named "Zorkij" in his hometown Krasnogorsk. Petrov then went on to play two seasons (1965-67) for Krylja Sovetov (Soviet Wings) where he played under the guidance of former hockey great Alexei Guryshev. Between 1967-81 he played for CSKA Moscow and finished his career in SKA Leningrad 1981-83. In CSKA Hall of Famer Anatoli Tarasov put together one of the most devastating lines ever when he paired the center Petrov together with Boris Mikhailov and Valeri Kharlamov.

This trio was absolutely unstoppable. They scored 1086 goals in the Soviet league and 539 goals on the national team. In the World Championship All-time scoring table they are 1st, 2nd and 4th overall. Mikhailov had 98+71 = 169 points in 105 games. Kharlamov had 74+85 = 159 points in 105 games. Petrov had 74+80 = 154 points in 102 games.

So in 105 games they combined for an incredible 482 points ! almost 5 points per game. They were the highest scoring line in 1969,73,74,75,77 and 79. They still hold the record for most points by a line in a single WC tournament. 86 points in 1973. They also have the second best result (56 points in 1977).

Petrov himself won the scoring title in the World Championships four times. 1973 (34 pts in 10 games), 1975 (19pts in 10 games - tied), 1977 (21pts in 10 games) and 1979 (15pts in 8 games). Petrov still holds the record for most goals, assists and points in one tournament (1973). He was also a four time All-Star in the World Championships.

Petrov of course wasn't just a dominant force on the international scene. He and his linemates were as dominant in the Soviet league. Petrov himself won the scoring title in 1969-70 (51 goals in 44 games), 1972-73 (27+22=49 in 32 games), 1974-75 (27+26 =53 in 36 games), 1977-78 (28+28=56 in 36 games) and 1978-79 (26+37 =63 in 44 games). He's the last player to have scored over 50 goals in a season. Only Vsevolod Bobrov, Venjamin Alexandrov and Alexander Yakushev have scored over 50 goals in a season. All in all Petrov scored 370 goals in 553 league games.

So how come that the Mikhailov-Petrov-Kharlamov line was so good ?

" We complemented each other very well. We always gave it our best and we had a very good chemistry both on and off the ice, and I believe that was a big part of our success Petrov said. " We played together for a long time. I always knew were they would be on the ice. It was easy to play with Boris and Valeri because they were always in the right place. And we had a lot of fun. The only reason why I had such a good career was because I played with two such great players."

On the contrary from most Soviet players, Petrov wasn't a good skater. He didn't have that fluid skating style that many of his teammates had. His strength was his excellent stickhandling and hard shot. He also wasn't afraid to use his 6'1" and 205 Ibs body in the corners. Petrov was also strong on faceoffs and a dangerous and aggressive forechecker.

He was the president of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation in the mid 1990's.



USSR ChampionshipsRegular Season / Playoffs
1965-66Krylja Sovetov 23189-
1966-67Krylja Sovetov 4415924--
1967-68CSKA Moscow 38211940--
1968-69CSKA Moscow 39271845--
1969-70CSKA Moscow 43512172--
1970-71CSKA Moscow 37161632--
1971-72CSKA Moscow 32211637--
1972-73CSKA Moscow 30272249--
1973-74CSKA Moscow 2814142834
1974-75CSKA Moscow 3427265358
1975-76CSKA Moscow 3422224446
1976-77CSKA Moscow 3526366257
1977-78CSKA Moscow 3128285641
1978-79CSKA Moscow 4326376354
1979-80CSKA Moscow 3221204128
1980-81CSKA Moscow 4019244342
1981-82SKA Leningrad 2043724
1982-83SKA Leningrad 1244818
USSR Totals 596370341711--- 
National Team
1969World Championship 1062816
1970World Championship 105388
1971World Championship 983112
1972World Championship 1066126
1973World Championship 1018163412
1974World Championship 847110
1977World Championship 10714218
1979World Championship 87815--
1980Olympic Games 74266
Totals 281189---------