Boris Petrovich Mikhailov


Position: right wing
Shoots: L 
Height: 5-9nbsp; Weight: 170 
Born: 10/6/1944 (Moscow, USSR)

IIHF Hall of Fame: 2000

Olympic medals: 2x Gold (1972, 1976); 1x Silver (1980)
World Champion: 8x


  • All-star Team USSR Championship: 8x
  • Best soviet player: 2x (1977, 1978)
  • Best scorer World Championships: 1x (1974)
  • Best forward World Championships: 2x (1973, 1979)
  • All-star Team World Championships: 2x (1973, 1979)
Biography [Source:] Boris Mikhailov is one of the most famed hockey players ever to come out of the former Soviet Union. From 1956 until 1981 he was a player of extraordinary magnitude and continues to be a force in Russian hockey today.

Mikhailov, famous for wearing the dreaded #13, combined with Valeri Kharlamov and Vladimir Petrov to form perhaps the greatest Russian unit of them all. This is supported by the trio's play in the 1973 World Championships when they finished 1-2-3 in the scoring race as the trio average just under nine points a game! In 15 World and Olympic Championship tournaments, they scored a combined 275 goals and 537 points!!

#13 personally scored 108 of those goals in the 120 games. He also added 77 assists and 60 penalty minutes.

His long list of accomplishments in International Hockey include:
During Soviet League play, he played in 572 games scoring a record 427 goals along with 224 assists for a record 651 points. The 8-time Russian All Star led the league in scoring three times and was named MVP twice.

  • 2 Olympic Gold Medals (1972 & 1976)
  • 8 World Championships (1969-71,73-75,78,79)(voted top forward in 73 and 79)
  • 9 Izvestija Championships
  • 10 European Cups

    Mikhailov was surprisingly "Canadian" in his approach to hockey. The Soviets prided themselves on being the opposite of North American hockey, yet Mikhailov is remember as a guy who loved to mix it up and go to the corners, digging for loose pucks. He had a knack for scoring important and clinching goals, more often than not they were by banging for loose pucks and scoring "garbage goals." He was the leader of many great Soviet squads and always gave 110%.

    In perhaps his finest moment, Mikhailov was named as the Most Valuable Player in the 1979 Challenge Cup between the Soviet Red Army and the NHL All Stars.

    Boris' last game with the Soviet National team Isvestija game. In front of 14000 people at the famous Luzhniki Ice Palace his teammates carried him around the rink on their shoulders to a thunderous ovation. It was the finest compliment and thank you for all his dedication and effort.



    USSR ChampionshipsRegular Season / Playoffs
    1962-63Avangard Saratov N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
    1963-64Avangard Saratov N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
    1964-65Avangard Saratov N/A23N/AN/AN/A
    1965-66Lokomotiv Moscow 28188268
    1966-67Lokomotiv Moscow 442072716
    1967-68CSKA Moscow 4329164516
    1968-69CSKA Moscow 4236145014
    1969-70CSKA Moscow 4440155522
    1970-71CSKA Moscow 4032154716
    1971-72CSKA Moscow 3120133318
    1972-73CSKA Moscow 3024133720
    1973-74CSKA Moscow 311892712
    1974-75CSKA Moscow 3540115130
    1975-76CSKA Moscow 363173843
    1976-77CSKA Moscow 3428235110
    1977-78CSKA Moscow 3532205218
    1978-79CSKA Moscow 4330245423
    1979-80CSKA Moscow 4127235019
    1980-81CSKA Moscow 154594
    USSR Totals 572452223675286 
    National Team
    1969World Championship 995146
    1970World Championship 1073102
    1971World Championship 973102
    1972World Championship 10112136
    1973World Championship 101613294
    1974World Championship 10881616
    1976World Championship 1076138
    1977World Championship 10127194
    1980Olympic Games 765112
    Totals 288207---------