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reviewed by yours truly: 45.5% (5)

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Size significationRating signification
The nec plus ultra ! Don't miss those breweries.
<50 hl/yr: nanobrewey (part-time or hobby)Very good breweries !
<1'000 hl/yr: microbreweryAbove average and satisfying.
<5'000 hl/yr: large microbreweryAverage.
<50'000 hl/yr: regional brewery Not terrible.
>50'000 hl/yr: large brewery This is getting pretty bad.
 Be cautious: you may REALLY not like it !

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Breweries (11)

Contact # of beers
Rating avg/
Please be aware that all ratings and comments reflect my opinion only ! So don't blame me if I dislike your favourite brewery. Fortunately we are free to like whatever we like...
3 Finger Joe

Founded in 2016

6072 Sachseln

N/A N/A -

Founded in 2011

Flüelistrasse 37
6064 Kerns

079 683 49 46

N/A N/A Brewer: Richi Eichenberger.
Huisbraui Portmann

Founded in 2014

6055 Alpnach Dorf

N/A N/A -
Loiwi Bräu

Founded in 2010

Dürrastweg 4
6074 Giswil

list of beers

1 11.2 -

Founded in 1995

Durnachelistrasse 4
6074 Giswil

140 hl

list of beers

7 10.51

Brewer: Daniela Brokelmann
A microbrewery showing creativity but having some troubles with its yeast (at least in the batch I have tasted). The beers are also lacking of a decent malt body. The brewery closed in May 2009 as far as I know but is somehow still appearing on the FCA list ?!

Founded in 2016

6064 Kerns

list of beers

2 15.4 Interesting. Keep an eye on them.

Founded in 2013

6055 Alpnach Dorf

list of beers

1 9.2 -

Founded in 2017

6074 Giswil

N/A N/A -

Founded in 2008

Durnachelistrasse 7
6074 Giswil

N/A N/A -

Founded in 2015

6064 Kerns

N/A N/A -
villa urPur

Founded in 2011

Schildstrasse 10
6066 St. Niklausen

200 hl

list of beers

041 661 09 73

5 13.84

Brewer: Aaron Britschgi.
Originality and quality !

no brewpubs reported

Beer makers without breweries (1)

Contact # of beers
Rating avgComments
Don't kill me, it's only my opinion...
Engelberger Klosterbräu

Founded in 2009

Oberzelgli 15
6390 Engelberg

list of beers

079 444 81 40

1 13.2 "Client brewer. Founded as a reaction to the take-over of Eichhof by Heineken in 2008 and originally called Keineken. Their beer was initially brewed by Unser Bier and the installation of an own plant was scheduled for 2012.
After a complaint from Heineken, the police seized 1000 bottles of Keineken on August 28th 2009. In January 2010 they changed the name of the brewery so that their beers can now be sold. The beers are now contract brewed by the brand new Brauerei Luzern (August 2010)."

no beer shops reported

Closed Breweries (3)

NameAddressfounded-closedContact # of beers
Rating Comments
Don't kill me, it's only my opinion...
6060 Sarnen
1830 - 1892

N/A N/A "Successively named Jordan, Joller and Rapp."
6078 Lungern
1882 - 1890

6390 Engelberg
1866 - 1884

N/A N/A "Called successively Hurschier, Ammann and finally Stohr."