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reviewed by yours truly: 62.5% (10)

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Size significationRating signification
The nec plus ultra ! Don't miss those breweries.
<50 hl/yr: nanobrewey (part-time or hobby)Very good breweries !
<1'000 hl/yr: microbreweryAbove average and satisfying.
<5'000 hl/yr: large microbreweryAverage.
<50'000 hl/yr: regional brewery Not terrible.
>50'000 hl/yr: large brewery This is getting pretty bad.
 Be cautious: you may REALLY not like it !

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Breweries (15)

Contact # of beers
Rating avg/
Please be aware that all ratings and comments reflect my opinion only ! So don't blame me if I dislike your favourite brewery. Fortunately we are free to like whatever we like...

Founded in 2015

Poststrasse 519
7050 Arosa

list of beers

N/A N/A Initially called Bergbräu Arosa.

Founded in 2016

Rebhaldenweg 37
7206 Igis

N/A N/A -
Bier Manufaktur

Founded in 2011

Bahnhofstrasse 6
7304 Maienfeld

10 hl

list of beers

5 13.92

This nanobrewery brewed above average beers. Closed in 2014 after the sudden death of the owner, Andreas Walliser … but reloaded in Autumn 2015.
Brewer: Yves Walliser.
Creativity level: 4/5
Biera Engiadinaisa

Founded in 2005

via Dal Dazi 233
7560 Martina

700 hl

list of beers

081 866 33 03

6 12

Located at 1530 meters above sea level and lost somewhere on the east end of the country, this brewery is facing financial problems recurrently. The distribution is assured by Heineken and the production stagnates since a long time below 1'000 hl. Offers some decent german-style beers and other less good stuff.
Brewer: Andreas Merk.
Creativity level: 2/5
BierVision Monstein

Founded in 2001

Hauptstrasse 36
7278 Davos Monstein

1'700 hl

list of beers

081 420 30 61

5 9.44

Last beerstop before heaven is a slogan which even attracted THE Beer Hunter Michael Jackson ( This brewery - founded in June 2001 - was at that time the highest in Europe (it is btw not even the highest in Switzerland nowadays) at 1,627 metres and located in a former alpine dairy.
The Biervision Monstein is a stock corporation having more than 1'000 share holder from around the world. Despite having some marketing arguments, reduced costs thanks to a distribution (and probably bottling) deal with Heineken, this brewery still struggles to have some success and is facing financial troubles recurrently.The production which was once of 2'500 hl (mainly thanks to a nationwide distribution of 2 of its beers in more than 300 Coop supermarkets) dropped at 1'700. This brewery has 4 employees and makes as much as 15% of its total revenue with guided brewery tours.
The beers are unstylish and unexciting.
Brewer: Basti Degen.
Creativity level: 2/5
Birreria Pacific

Founded in 2012

via da Mez 26
7742 Poschiavo

list of beers

11 14.69

Brewer: Ulrich Schläpfer.
Stong quality offered by this brewer. Don't hesitate to try if you can find the beers.
Engadiner Bier

Founded in 2011

Cuntschett 5
7504 Pontresina

300 hl

list of beers

081 842 68 31

7 14.4

Brewer: Hannes Gutschmidt and Daniel Käslin.
Interesting and well-achieved beers . Clearly worth a try.
This brewery believes in the myth of the Reinheitsgebot.

Founded in 2011

Arälia 444
7214 Grüsch

15 hl

Link down; brewery closed?

N/A N/A Brewer: Hans-Christian Röthlisberger.
Called now Prättigauer-Bräu ?!?
Heineken Switzerland (Calanda)

Founded in 1984

Kasernenstrasse 36
7007 Chur

494'000 hl

list of beers

081 256 01 11

32 9.25

"Nowadays Heineken Switzerland is the second biggest actor with about 15% of the market (700'000 hectoliters) and 450 employees. They own two production plants, one in Chur and one in Luzern. Here we will talk about the one in Chur.
It all started back in 1780 when brewer Rageth Mathis opened the brewery of the same name in Chur. It is only much later - 1971 - than the name was changed to Calanda.
One year after its creation in 1984, Heineken Switzerland bought 10% of Calanda stocks. In 1991 the breweries Haldengut (Winterthur, 1843) and Calanda merged together and it is only 2 years later than Heineken took control of the majority of the stocks to eventually become the only owner in 1999.
After the acquisition of new brewing installations in 2002 (allowing in particular high density brewing) the plant in Winterthur was closed and only very few of the Haldengut brands survived and are still produced nowadays in Chur. Heineken is owner of the brand ""Ittinger Klosterbräu"", a beer developped in 1982 by Martin Wartmann and first brewed at Actienbrauerei Frauenfeld. In 1996 Heineken first steps in and the beer production was moved to Haldengut. Later in 2004 Martin Wartmann decided to let its baby live its life and sold all the rights to the green giant. Using the beloved concept of abbey beers this beer is brewed partially using hops harvested near a former Carthusian monastery in Canton Thurgau (Kartause Ittingen). And no matter if it was dissolved more than 150 years ago: the marketing still talks about the only Abbey beer from Switzerland ... And it has some undisputed success with about 20'000 hectoliters yearly.
Besides brewing the brands Calanda, Halden Gut and Tell, all the Heineken destined for the Swiss market are produced in Chur. The company also markets foreign brands like Desperados, Tiger, Murphy, Erdinger, Moretti, Foster's, Newcastle Brown Ale, Clausthaler, VB and Sol. It is worth mentioning that the effort to introduce the brand Amstel across the whole country encountered a terrible flop and had to be stopped in 2008.
Facing an impressive growth of beer imports and an equally impressive increase of the number of microbreweries in Switzerland, Heineken is losing each year some market shares. This leaves the company with a big beautiful plant producing probably not more than at 50% of its capacity (it can bottle 36'000 cans, 80'000 bottles and 480 kegs per hour). Which will probably induce a further consolidation and a possible middle-term shutdown of their second plant (Eichhof, Luzern).
Their beers are deeply uninspired and uninteresting.
Brewer: Markus Scharlemann.
Creativity level: 1/5"
Ilanzer Bier

Founded in 2015

Glennerstrasse 8
7130 Ilanz

list of beers

076 527 82 85

3 13.6

Correct but not more.
JJ's Sayser Bier

Founded in 2015

7202 Says

081 353 98 65

N/A N/A -

Founded in 2007

7404 Feldis/Veulden

100 hl

list of beers

4 8.3

Brewer: Roland Holderegger.
Poor beers and full of flaws. This brewery has a long way to go.
Closed in 2011 before started again in 2016. Originally located in Tumegl.
Stadtbier Chur

Founded in 2010

Felsenaustrasse 23b
7000 Chur

list of beers

079 360 25 78

5 14.16

Brewer: Sacha Schibli.
Produces in Chur since June 2012 (was formerly contract brewed by Aare-Bier). Good quality beers which are clearly worth a try.
Strela Bräu Davos

Founded in 2016

Schatzalpstrasse 3
7271 Davos Platz

N/A N/A Brewer: Christian Flury.

Founded in 2011

7304 Maienfeld

N/A N/A Brewers: Marco Illien and Till Linder.
Inactive since February 2012The homepage is now down, so a definitive closure seems to be evident.

Brewpubs (1)

Contact # of beers
Rating avgComments
Don't kill me, it's only my opinion...
Surselva Bräu

Founded in 2005

7018 Flims-Waldhaus

1'500 hl

list of beers

081 928 14 00

7 11.94

Brewer: Jörg Kambach
A brewpub offering also small bottled beers and enjoying an impressive success in its region. Honest beers, not more. Opened: Thursday-Sunday 11:00-23:00.
Brews Arosa Edel and Kloster Disentis under contract.
This brewery believes in the myth of the Reinheitsgebot.

Beer makers without breweries (4)

Contact # of beers
Rating avgComments
Don't kill me, it's only my opinion...
Arosa Edel

Founded in 2011

7050 Arosa

list of beers

081 377 50 80

1 12.8 Client brewer. The beer - a correct lager - is brewed by Surselva
This brewery believes in the myth of the Reinheitsgebot.
Benediktinerkloster Disentis

Founded in 2014

via Claustra 1
7180 Disentis

081 929 69 00

2 10.8 Client brewer: the beers are brewed by Surselva.

Founded in 2010

Salvatorenstrasse 88
7000 Chur

1'100 hl

list of beers

3 11.2

Started in 2010 and initiated by Patrick Arnet. Offered a very nice beer and reached a production of 1'100 hectoliters after 3 years. The production has been stopped in 2013 (apparently after financial troubles) and the initiator retired. The brewery is no more registered and the beers were then produced by Liechtensteiner Brauhaus. Introduced a new brand - Bündner Bier - in 2014. Or when locality gets loosely defined ... Yet ! Came back in the canton in 2017 as the beers are now brewed by tschlin.
Creativity level: 2/5
Ela Bier

Founded in 2007

Veia Davos Tga Clo 4
7460 Savognin

list of beers

081 684 22 77

2 13.2 Client brewer.
I have sampled a very nice unfiltered lager and hope to be able to taste some more of their beers soon.
Contract brewed by Locher since 2011. Had formerly register number 259.

Beer Shops / Restaurants

Name AddressHomepage / Email Rating Comments
Tom's Beer BoxUntere Gasse 11
7000 Chur

081 252 77 57

 A pub with about 130 different beers from around the world. Open monday to thursday 16:00 to 24:00 and friday to saturday 15:00 to 02:00
Worldwide Beers & Spirits

Bahnhofplatz 2
7000 Chur

043 843 53 53


A shop with about 200 beers from all around the world.

Closed Breweries (26)

NameAddressfounded-closedContact # of beers
Rating Comments
Don't kill me, it's only my opinion...
Aktienbrauerei Thusis
7430 Thusis
1861 - 1921

N/A N/A Originally called zum Rosenbühl.
Branger & Komminoth
7503 Samedan
1877 - 1888

7742 Poschiavo
1880 - 1890

7260 Davos
1882 - 1922

N/A N/A Originally called zum Löwen.
Engadiner Aktienbrauerei
7505 Celerina
1892 - 1975


N/A N/A Originally called Campell & Bisaz
Gebr. Schumacher
7649 Castasegna
? - 1870

7649 Castasegna
1870 - 1919

7649 Bondo
1875 - 1880

Giovanoli & Cadisch
7649 Spino
1861 - 1885

7412 Scharans
2001 - 2011


N/A N/A -
7220 Schiers
1865 - 1909

N/A N/A Originally called Thöni & Michel.
7000 Chur
1875 - 1916

7130 Ilanz
1841 - 1909

Passet & Lutta
7431 Andeer
1841 - 1849

7742 Poschiavo
1850 - 1929

Rhätische Aktienbrauerei
7000 Chur
1780 - 1913

N/A N/A Originally called Alte Brauerei.
7000 Chur
1872 - 1920

7516 Maloja
1885 - 1899

7018 Lenzerheide
2009 - 2014


N/A N/A -
Steinadler-BräuVoa principala 38
7078 Lenzerheide
2007 - 2011


081 384 12 36
1 11.2

Brewer: Reto Hafner.
One modest german hefeweizen, hoping for more.
Unterengadiner Aktienbrauerei
7549 Süss
1848 - 1917

N/A N/A Successively called Planta and Campell.
7649 Vicosoprano
1872 - 1910

Vereinsbrauerei Pierfründa
7000 Chur
2016 - 2016


N/A N/A -
7260 Davos
1880 - 1905

zur Alten Brauerei
7430 Thusis
1841 - 1880

zur Krone
7015 Tamins
1879 - 1903